Holiday Traditions

Celebrations Around the World!

My team name is the coders and these are the members of my team

My name is Chems Eddine and I like to do play CALL OF DUTY,vsoccer, and my PS4.

My name is River and I like to play roblox, soccer, reading.


My name is Adam and I like to do fortnite, soccer, sport.

During class we learned about holiday traditions and ate holiday foods

We Researched this Holiday Tradition: Christmas

The following is some information about my holiday tradition :

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th and Santa Claus brings kids presents like a PS4, a toy car, etc.!


Below is an article about Santa Claus:

Santa Claus

During Christmas, we have fun with friends and family! also set up a big tree that we decorate.

We wake up early and open our presents then we eat cookies and sea food.

We like to make sugar cookies and frost them with family, then we leave them for santa. Sometimes we leave a carrot for his raindeer.

My grand parents sometimes come over on Christmas and on Christmas eve we bring our cats upstairs.

I love when it snows on Christmas here is a webpage about Christmas :)