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By: Chi, Robert, and Chun

Three Random Dudes and these are the members of my team

My name is Chi and I like to do Soccer, Play video games, Browse the web.

My name is Robert and I like to Program, Game design and Boxing.

My name is Chun and I like to play Soccer, Play video games, Sleep in.

During class we learned about holiday traditions and ate holiday foods

We Researched this Holiday Tradition: Omisoka

The following is some information about this holiday tradition:

Omisoka is celebrated on December 31th

Below is an article about Omisoka:

More info on Omisoka

During Omisoka, people: 
  • Prepare for the new year
  • Clean their houses
  • Also prepare for the new year with their mentality. 
  • Bells ring around midnight for 1-2 hours. 
  • Omisoka is the New Years Celebration in Japan.